The 2021 Derby Committee

The Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby Committee is comprised entirely of volunteers whose mission is to plan, manage, and operate a successful and enjoyable event that benefits the Island community. These men and women meet throughout the year - as soon as one Derby ends, work begins for the following year's event. Only because of the energy and efforts of the Derby Committee does the Derby exist as one of the oldest, largest, and most popular saltwater fishing tournaments in the country. A love of the Island, an interest (or obsession) with fishing, and an appreciation for tradition are common threads that bond these individuals in their service on the Committee.

John Custer
Phil Horton
Vice Chairman
Chris Scott
John Piekos
Joe El-Deiry
Mike Cassidy
Past Chairman
Maryanne Jerome
Katie Carroll

2021 Derby Committee

Left to right seated: Leah Fraumeni, Joe El-Deiry, Taylor Pierce, Phil Horton

Left to right second row: Chris Scott, John Custer, Katie Carroll, Mike Cassidy, Janet Messineo, Maryanne Jerome, Stacy Nickerson-Hall

Left to right third row: Michael Carroll, David Hearn, Steve Baccelli, Dave Nash, Cosmin Creanga

Committee members not pictured: Shirley Craig, Adam Darack, Will DeBettencourt, Alex Friedman, Cooper Gilkes, Wilson Kerr, Mark Kokoska, Bob Lane, Brian McCarty, Steve Morris, John Piekos, David Pothier, Bill Roman, Jeff Sayre, Tim Sheran, Greg Skomal, Tom Smith, Debbie Manly-Smith, Paula Sullivan